Fiorno — Your Trusted Partner in Turkey

Located in Istanbul «Fiorno» provides comprehensive services in clothes manufacturing in Turkey, private label apparel manufacture in particular. We seek to establish a long-term partnership with our clients, offering them favorable terms of cooperation reducing risks associated with outsourcing abroad.

What We Offer

  • Private Label Clothing Manufacturing
  • Trusted Suppliers of Ready-to-wear Apparel from Turkey
  • Wholesale Suppliers and Producers of Uniforms
  • Quality Control

Our Values

Customer’s trust

We pay attention to every detail of your order. Such a thorough approach helps to avoid misunderstandings and manufacturing errors.


We work with trusted factories and suppliers of materials and fittings. Thanks to this the quality of finished products is uncompromised.

Perfect timing

Over the years of work in clothes manufacturing in Turkey, we have developed our own scheme of cooperation with the producers in Turkey. This allows to use effectively the money and time you invest.

Manufacturing of clothes in Turkey is a profitable solution.

and here’s why:

Large selection of quality materials

A large selection of quality materials together with low labor costs make manufacturing and sourcing of clothes in Turkey very profitable.

No investment on opening your own production line

No trouble about hiring employees, buying equipment, raw materials, etc. Manufacturing of clothes in Turkey significantly reduces costs and production time.

The opportunity to concentrate on the promotion of your products and brand!

World famous fashion brands trust Turkish manufaturers

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