Fiorno is an Istanbul based sourcing agency, offering production services for custom-made clothes from Turkey.

  • OEM Service;
  • Search and Negotiations with a Manufacturer;
  • Supply of finished products (apparel, uniforms, hotel textiles, etc.);
  • Labeling & Packaging of the manufactured products;
  • Quality Inspections & Quality Control;
  • Logistics Support.

Searching for the most suitable manufacturers to meet your requests we pay attention to:

  • Legal Documents;
  • Experience & Reputation;
  • Factory equipment;
  • Personnel;
  • Production Capacity;
  • Finansial Strength.

Responsible Approach

We seek to establish a long-term partnership with our clients, offering them favorable terms of cooperation reducing risks associated with outsourcing abroad.

Ready to Start?

We pay attention to each detail
We offer competitive prices and terms
We choose trusted factories
We work on each project with passion

We invite young fashion labels to Turkey

When a new brand just takes off the ground with all its new enthusiasm and energy to share its ideas with the world it may not have enough resources to order huge amounts of products from clothing manufacturers. The only option the young designers are left with is the production in smaller quantities. This, of course, decreases the number of the manufacturers to choose from. But we are ready to support new fashion brands and offer favorable conditions for producing garments in small amounts. Contact our specialists to find out details.